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We have a challenging and inspiring mission:  

to improve the quality of human life by enabling 

people to think healthier, feel healthier and live healthier…” 

This mission gives us the purpose to develop quality medicines formulating variety of products for the betterment of millions of people around the globe.

We are licensed to manufacture pharmaceutical products since July 2009 vide license No.000669, at plot No.11-E, Industrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad, Pakistan (founding Pharmaceutical industrial zone in the capital city of Pakistan).

Worldwide Pharmaceutical industry is facing numerous challenges, i.e. effective supply of quality medicines, adherence to international standards and increase in demand due to phenomenal growth in the world population over the last decade or so. People suffer from scarcity, costly and low quality of medicines. In this regard, our mission is to make it possible for everyone to have access to high quality, economically viable as well as adequate supply of medicines. It means that we should act as the corner stone since debilitating diseases is affecting millions of people. Access to life-saving medicines and vaccines is a stumbling block for the vast majority of people in the international sphere. To meet these challenges, we are committed to provide high quality and economically viable medicines for all.

We pride ourselves in our versatile medicine production that treats variety of major/common disease areas such as anti-virals, infections, mental health, cardiovascular and digestive conditions etc. We produce them in the parenteral as well as oral dosage forms to carter for all spheres of necessity.