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In Swan Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to produce high quality medicines as per Global standards and requirements. Here, we have a set of current, scientifically sound methods and practices that are implemented and documented during product development, to ensure the consistent manufacture of safe, pure, potent & correct strength therapeutic products for human use.

We have quality management system to build quality in our products.  We have state of art machinery and highly skilled professionals to meet the challenges and innovations of the pharmaceutical world. We are on the move towards total automation in our operations. Ampoules and vials washing, sterilization and filling on highly sophisticated compact lines are bright examples of the latest machinery that has been in quality productions.

We have imported latest plant of R/O treatment and Distillation water plant having S.S 316-L pipe lines and properly disinfected and maintained water tanks.

Imported machines are used for blistering which produce high quality blisters; Alu Alu blister also produces high quality blisters. We have a fully operational Compact line for ampoules which operate at the speed of 25000 amp/hr. State of the art ultrasonic washers are used for the washing process. Sterilization is carried out in sterilization tunnels.
We are highly committed, not only to adopt latest standards & guidelines but to improve it day by day.