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We have fully segregated and well facilitated stores, these include:

1- Raw Material Store

2- Packaging Material Store

3- Finished Goods Store


In Ware House all the activities are done according to written Standard Operating Procedures.

The Raw Material Store is facilitated in accordance with the good storage practices (ICH, WHO, GMP). Accordingly the Raw Material Store consists of Quarantine area (Yellow Tag), Released Materials area (Green Tag) and Rejected materials area (Red Tag). For heat sensitive materials we have a very well facilitated cold room.

For Psychotropic Materials a separate designated and well facilitated store is available in a secure position in side the store. To manage the Psychotropic Materials receiving, storage, handling and dispensing a three lock system is functional. This system assures the safely storage and handling of Psychotropic Material as three locks are under the control of highly responsible personals.

Separated and well facilitated dispensing rooms are functional for the general and psychotropic materials. The humidity and temperature records of all the areas of stores are monitored regularly and recorded.

For sampling of different raw materials under specified conditions a separate sampling room is functional and the sampling process is given a prime attention to practice the best sampling practices.

The Packaging Material store consists of Quarantine Area (Yellow Tag), Release Materials Area (Green Tag) and rejected materials Area (Red Tag). We have racks for storage of materials which are made as such to facilitate materials handling. Separate and specific places on racks for the different material.

The Finished Goods Store contains racks which are 4 inches away from walls for proper movement of air. In Finished Goods Store we have sufficient space for storage of finished products. Temperature and humidity is recorded regularly.